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Trying to control people makes their hostile identities stronger. Even if PRC will succeed to govern Hong Kong, they sew a seed of serious disputes.

Though I use Twitter to follow some users, feel mastodon safer for me. Maybe it's because of the less users which don't attract noisy posts like ads.

Testing the new single-column interface on Mastodon 2.9.0.. Not bad.

To seize disputes for values among people, agreements on fundamental comprehension on human nature. That is "What is values?". If we could understand how values are created inside and how works in relationship with human life, we should be able to find the starting point of dialogue for peace making.




Bicycle, bookshelf, computer... most of my properties are self-build.


It may be a chance for Twitter that Facebook is changing their service policy more closed.


Just rode my bike for first time since almost a half years ago.

Cloning disk by dd makes original and target UUIDs same. Weird.

Firefox stopped extensions I installed. Certificate issue? Very modern.

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